Wintering in Marbella

Most of the world associates Marbella with a sunny summer, relaxing on the beach, yachting on the Med and late night dining al fresco. But, Marbella is just as much fun in the winter months, albeit with slightly lower temperatures, and there are more than enough activities and experiences to fill the days that on the whole are dry, bright and cloud-free.


Golfing galore

Golf is naturally one of the main outdoor activities in the autumn and winter months. The fine weather means golfers may only need an extra layer of clothing and the chances of sunburn are greatly reduced. This is the time of year to really appreciate the beautiful landscaping on the Costa del Sol’s numerous top level courses, as well as the game of golf itself. Explore Marbella Golf and find the perfect course for you.

Get beach body ready

The winter months are an appropriate time to prepare physically for next summer. Getting the body ‘beach ready’ is much easier if you start just after Christmas rather than waiting until April, and by taking a slower approach, the effects of exercise and diet are likely to be longer lasting. With so many deluxe spas in Marbella, some with gym facilities included, enjoying personal pampering sessions, as well as private fitness instruction, is superbly simple in Marbella.

Shop in peace and quiet

Shopping is another favourite activity with Marbella residents, and as any long-term Marbellís will tell you, winter is the best time to hit the shops. With the exception of the Christmas period, which doesn’t start in November in Spain, the shops are less packed with customers than they are during the summer months when the influx of visitors, who also love to shop while on holiday, keep the shops filled. In winter, shoppers can enjoy more peace and quiet while they browse the luxury goods on offer. The choice of goods and luxury brands in Marbella is excellent and includes both international household names as well as products that are exclusive to Marbella. Of course, while shops at Christmas tend to be busier, it is more enjoyable in Marbella than in some larger cities, as there is always a place to relax nearby and rest your feet with a celebratory, seasonal drink.

Dining out

Dining out is just as much a winter month’s activity, as it is at any other time of the year, and as the nights draw in, restaurants create a warming atmosphere with lighting and fires. Signature dishes are adapted to the season, with more warming recipes on offer, and if you wish to dine outdoors, that is possible thanks to outdoor heating and the provision of cosy blankets for every guest.

A selection of sporting activities

And, it is still possible to participate in sports other than golf. From tennis and padel tennis to equestrianism there is plenty on offer, and the hardy sailors and water sports enthusiasts don’t let a slight dip in temperatures stop them from enjoying the sea. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see people sunbathing on the beach in December and January, and all you need is a good wetsuit to get in the water. Skiing and snowboarding at the Sierra Nevada ski resort is another favourite winter activity and the perfect way to spend a weekend away from Marbella where you’ll feel as if you’ve taken a trip to the Swiss Alps without leaving Spain.


The cooler months are also the perfect time to explore the numerous walking and hiking routes around Andalucia. These range in degree of difficulty from the easy ones that everyone can do, to those that require rather more training and stamina. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as exploring the picturesque countryside around Marbella and then dropping into a roadside venta with open fire for a warming drink.

Marbella has something for everyone in winter; it really is the place for all year round living, not just for some summer fun.