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Our Marbella Real Estate Services

Estate Agent Marbella – As Marbella luxury real estate consultants we don’t just find you the best properties at the finest addresses; we also offer the following property services:

Estate Agent Marbella - Selling your Marbella property

A precise skill set is needed to sell a property in Marbella or anywhere else.

Professionals know:

  • The price must be right for market conditions,
  • The property should be presented to create a good first impression
  • The marketing strategy should be tailored to each individual property.

On top of all this, the company must be able to show it has a proven track record of success. The professionals we work with have proved their success in the luxury market time and again, plus they are courteous and highly efficient.

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Marbella Property management

Taking care of your property, both when you are resident and when you are away is vitally important. You want to protect your investment and ensure that every part of it is kept in good working order. We work with the experts in property management who are familiar with what is needed to keep a prestige property in tip-top condition, inside and outside.

Legal services

A property purchase or sale requires legal assistance and it is advisable to consult with local legal experts who know the process in Spain as well as being familiar with the Marbella market, as there are specific regulations that differ between Spain’s autonomous regions. As with buying any property it is vital that the legal team undertake full due diligence, especially checking the title deeds and if there are any liens on the property. We can refer you to the most respected law firms with decades of experience in handling property transactions in Marbella.
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Architects, surveyors and engineers

Our address book contains the names of the most sought after architects in southern Spain, many of them award-winning and have featured in the major international architectural magazines. We can find the right architect for the style you want, and if needed we can also contract the services of surveyors and engineers for your project or property purchase.

Interior design

We work with Marbella’s leading interior designers and will assist you with finding the right designer for the style you wish to create. The designers we work with place emphasis on elegant sophistication, bespoke luxury furnishings and design that creates comfort and class. Our design firms can also supply you inspirational visuals with 2D and 3D renders, and lighting design plans, and much more.

Construction, rebuilds and refurbs

We work with leading construction companies, who often work with the architect you choose for a project. These companies can provide the expertise and labor required for anything from a complete new build to complex renovations, or simple refurbishment projects.These companies offer services that include:
  • Production of technical floor plans showing the proposed internal and external structural and distribution changes,
  • Applications for building licences,
  • The installation of smart home systems
  • Carpentry, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, feature walls, property facades and staircases.
They all make a point of using sustainable materials wherever possible, selecting them based on strength, robustness and durability, as well as being eco-friendly.