Puente Romano Hotel


    As a beach resort with an Andalucian village-style feel, the Puente Romano simply has no equal. With facilities that include spa and wellness facilities, an open air courtyard, botanical gardens, world-famous tennis courts and 14 different restaurants all with unique menus, as well as a beach club, you really don’t need to step outside the resort in order to fill your day with diverse activities. You can relax by the pool, go for a game of golf or tennis, or take afternoon tea on the terrace followed by a pampering spa session before a big night out.

    Facilities include:

    • Six Senses Spa
    • Beach Club
    • Fitness Centre
    • Tennis and Golf
    • Concierge service for regional trips and more

    For Dining and Drinks: Nobu, El Chringuito, Sea Grill, Petit Sea Grill, Dani Garcia, Bibo, Monkey Club, Suite, Thai Gallery, Serafina, Pizza Romano, Celicioso, La Plaza and Rachel’s.

    Other amenities:

    Beach club, swimming pools, water sports, tennis and golf

    Family friendly
    There are family-sized rooms, babysitting services, tennis-club activities for children, a family-oriented pool, and a May-to-September kids' club.



    The Puente Roman’s Junior Suites set the standard for all the hotel’s guest rooms and offer an airy sleeping area with an en-suite living room, and terrace with garden views (sun loungers included). There is a collection of Deluxe Suites that are ideal for couples and/or families.

    The hotel’s Grand Suites, range from the Mediterranean to the Imperial and epitomise the concept of the elegant retreat and ‘statement’ accommodation.

    Private Villas
    The Puente Romano’s villas: Villa Margarita, Villa Armonia and Villa La Pereza, offer the most private and luxurious of spaces, and are able to accommodate from six to ten guests.